The Temple of Maximalism

MADE OF MATTER is a brand new wallpaper design studio established by graphic artist Julia Bancilhon aiming to shake-up the UK wallpaper industry. The new collection features 22 abstract artworks created by Bancilhon that have been reimagined into a series of maximalist wallpaper patterns which will retail online at from July 2021. Printed to exact dimensions to minimise waste, the brand is aiming to bring a responsible approach to wallpaper production as well as launching a new virtual wallpaper showroom - the first of its kind to incorporate VR technology to retail wallpaper in this way.

“During lockdown I showcased my artworks at a number of virtual exhibitions and I saw what a great experiential tool this was, allowing you to immerse yourself in a completely different online world without any physical or creative boundaries,” explains Julia. “I looked at the UK wallpaper industry and saw the same old ways of retailing - it felt stagnant and uninspiring to me. What I wanted to do with Made of Matter was to redefine everything a customer knows, feels and expects from wallpaper. So that started by purposefully turning away from a traditional e-store and investing in a surreal online experience that brought in VR technology and turned shopping for wallpaper on its head.”

The new virtual showroom - constructed in partnership with architect and artist Palma Piedrahita of the digital experience brand NSCENA  - is built up of four different rooms for customers to explore, placing themselves at the middle of a video game-like environment. An engaging mix of curated art-show and abstract surrealism, users can wander these rooms discovering patterns that have been transposed onto various objects and architecture, which allow users to click through to discover more about each pattern as well as purchasing online. A virtual apartment has also been built to showcase these patterns in a domestic setting.

“My artworks are made using collage with patterns that only unravel their stories as you look closer into them, discovering the individual, unusual elements that make up the construction. I wanted customers to have the same bewildering experience as they shopped for these designs online too - to really understand the brand I’m trying to create. What we’ve developed is brave, creative and completely unique which really sums up what we’re trying to do.” - Julia Bancilhon

“It has been a great experience to bring Made of Matter and NSCENA together to collaboratively construct and design this unique showroom. All of Julia’s patterns and collage works come together in a one-of-a-kind dive-in experience where you see Made of Matter in all possible scenarios, where you can walk through from the comfort of your home to places only available in an artist’s most profound dreams.” - Palma Piedrahita

All of Made of Matter’s designs are digitally printed in France. The brand is aiming to expand its bespoke offering for 2021 allowing customers to work with Bancilhon on designing and printing artworks for specialist projects. There will also be a focus for the brand in upcoming collections to introduce more variants of print material which will include a line of biodegradable wallpaper and a variant using using hemp pulp.

Made of Matter has also partnered with ONE TREE PLANTED - a non-profit dedicated to global reforestation - and will plant one tree for every 5 sq/m of wallpaper sold.