Make Room

Put down the Kombucha,
take off your reading specs
and look around you.

What do you see standing there in every direction,
like pine trees in a perfectly silent Scandinavian forest?

Don’t see them?
Maybe put your specs back on…
Now you do.

Four of them.
Fat, skinny, tall, short.

Like death and taxes we can’t avoid them,
and never has that felt more true than recently.
But why should they be reduced to depressing ‘facts of life’?

What we’re saying is, why should walls just be walls? Left to their own devices, walls represent borders.
Confinement. Claustrophobia.

We’ve got no love for those kinda walls.

Now let me lean in and whisper to you a secret:
walls can represent fantasy and freedom.

Don’t believe me?
Well I suggest it’s time for you to unthink
everything you thought you knew about walls...

Made of Matter is...
wallpaper for maximalist tastes with minimal waste,
and it wants to redefine everything you know,
feel and expect from wallpaper now and forever.

Because when we look at walls, we think:
less junk, more funk.