Unleash Your Inner Maximalist: A guide to applying MoM's Wallpaper

Unleash Your Inner Maximalist: A guide to applying MoM's Wallpaper

Good morning, or afternoon or evening depending on the time you'll read this article. It seems like a good time to transform your wall into a vibrant canvasBuckle up and prepare to delve into the art of applying wallpaper with MoM.

Step 1: Embrace the Fantasy
When it comes to wallpaper, let your imagination run wild. Dare to dream big! Choose a wallpaper design that speaks to the dauntless part of you, whether it's a psychedelic pattern, a surrealist artwork, or a bold geometric pattern.


Step 2 : Make sure that your dream come true
Before getting into it, let us provide you with a few extra tips to ensure a successful wallpapering journey. Make sure to equip yourself with the following tools: glue, paint roller, level, pencil, spatula or wallpaper brush, cutter, stepladder, tarpaulin and a stiff brush.


Step 3: Prep Like a Pro
No rush, good things come to those who wait, or here, to those who prep their wall. Smooth out any imperfections, fill the holes, ensure a clean, dust-free surface, that the ceiling is straight. MoM knows that foundations are crucial for a flawless finish, so take your time to prepare and create the perfect canvas to welcome your wallpaper masterpiece.


Step 4: The achievement…(well, almost)
Now comes the funny part – hanging the wallpaper! And because MoM knows how difficult it can be to apply wallpaper, we made it easier.All our strips are numbered for a left to right installation. 
Of course, you must measure the width of the first strip and the area you want to cover up so you can cut off the excess. This done, you can glue generously but not too much the sensitive area of the wall meaning the door frame and all the edges. We wouldn’t want you ending up with a concussion because of a wallpaper falling, we are not covered for that…
Then you can paste onto the wall, and this is where the magic begins. You can (finally) apply the first panel, making sure that the strip is straight. Just repeat the operation until the area is covered and stamp from the inside toward the outside. Here comes the satisfying part, cutting off the excess with a knife. Don’t forget to get help from our beloved spatula.

Remember, wallpapering is an art form, so take your time to align the patterns, to ensure a seamless flow across the entire surface.

Step 5: Get Creative with Placement
MoM believes in pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. Don't limit yourself to traditional placements; let your imagination guide you. Explore unconventional areas where wallpaper can make a bold statement – how about an accent ceiling or a surprising pop of pattern inside a bookshelf? Let your creativity shine and surprise yourself with unexpected placements. Let your imagination soar.


Step 6: Admire your work
Congratulations, dear maximalist! You did it. You have transformed your space into a captivating realm of self-expression. Step back, take a deep breath, grab a glass of your favorite beverage and admire the bold impact and colourful vibes that wallpaper brings to your surroundings.
Let MoM's spirit infuse every corner, inspiring conversations in all who enter your newfound fantasy.


May you be fearless, and let your walls shine through your new wallpaper’s energy!

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